Friday, July 2, 2010

Marketbright Kicks-Off Summer Webinar Series

Marketbright is kicking-off our Summer Webinar series on July 8th with our Nurture Marketing 101 webinar. The series will be focused on B2B marketing best practices. Marketbright will be bringing in industry experts and sharing the experiences of some of the top global B2B organizations. The lineup for the Summer Webinar includes:

Nurture Marketing 101 - July 8 at 11am PT
The Score on Lead Scoring - July 22 at 11am PT
Email Deliverability 101 - August 5 at 11am PT
Marketing Analytics 101 - August 16 at 11am PT

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Lead Nurture Webinar this Thursday, Marketbright closes round of funding

Marketbright is hosting a webinar on May 27th at 11am (PT) covering the best practices of B2B lead nurturing. This webinar will help marketers begin to build a baseline lead nurture program that fits their business.

You will learn:
- Key tips to creating multi-touch campaign
- How to educate a prospect by incorporating every interaction
- How to automate best sales practices with nurturing
- Tips to effectively utilize segmentation

Join us on May 27th for this complimentary webinar:

Marketbright also anounced today completion of another round of funding with public software company CDC Software. WooHoo!!! Reach about it here.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

CDC Software Agrees to Invest and Form Strategic Relationship in Marketbright

"We are excited to partner with CDC Software since we believe that our products not only offer great synergies, but we can also leverage CDC Software's extensive global technology and support infrastructure, especially their high performance offshore operations, that offer compelling economies of scale," said Dom Lindars, CEO of Marketbright. "We expect that CDC Software's investment in us will provide us with the opportunity to strengthen our growth, while this partnership can offer our customers complementary solutions to further add value to their businesses."

Check out the press releases:

Business Week: Click Here
Marketwatch: Click Here
RTT News: Click Here
IT Times (German): Click Here

Monday, March 29, 2010

Marketbright: Enterprise Marketing Built from the Ground Up

Marketbright has hit a major milestone this month, as we have been in business for five thriving years. Marketbright’s foundation as an enterprise level Marketing Automation platform was laid by Co-Founders Dom Lindars and Erik Bower, both of whom brought their vast experience in designing and executing enterprise marketing campaigns and generating millions of leads through thousands of marketing campaigns for some of today’s largest technology companies. This expertise led to the creation of Marketbright in March of 2005, when Erik and Dom built an enterprise marketing automation platform from the ground up.

Read the rest of the blog entry at Marketbright:

Friday, March 19, 2010

Marketbright Launches Google AdWords Jump Start Program

Google now enjoys a 70% share of the online search marketplace. PPC campaigns also enjoy the highest ROI of any campaign channel according to a new study by IntelliSurvey, Inc. and Radar Research. If you are not running a Google PPC campaign, you could be at a serious disadvantage to your competitors. If PPC campaigns are done right, the leads that come across can be extremely targeted and of very high quality

Marketbright can help you get your campaign up and running in less than 30 days from scratch. We design your campaigns and landing pages in a way that maximizes conversion rates and targets highly qualified prospects.

The process is fast and painless for you and gets a steady flow of highly targeted leads flowing to your sales team. You also enjoy the advantage of the Marketbright platform, which enables automated lead scoring, lead nurturing and allows you to run and track other demand generation programs such as email marketing.

Find out more about Marketbright's Googe PPC Services

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A VentanaProfile in Success: Taking the Lead

Download the full report now

TELUS Business Solutions’ marketing team had difficulty
determining the quality of business-to-business leads it
provided to the sales force. To improve demand
management, Marketing set out to establish a closed-loop
system to track leads from their sources to results. Using
marketing automation software from Marketbright, the
team now is able to identify the strongest immediate
prospects and develop other potential buyers over the
longer term, giving the sales force more and better
opportunities to close business.

People: Marketing now ranks leads automatically and
nurtures prospects through more targeted Web-oriented
campaigns that it can create faster than before. Sales gets
a stream of highly qualified leads and is able to act on
many more leads than previously.
Process: Qualified leads are routed automatically to the
most appropriate sales rep. Marketing tracks the complete
sales pipeline to determine the efficacy of its marketing
spend and uses conversion rates to develop forecasts and
Information: Marketing applies lead scoring, lead
nurturing and lead routing to produce high-quality leads
from information it receives from other systems.
Technology: Marketers build their own Web pages using
templates, freeing more technical team members for other
tasks. Marketbright’s delivery of software as a service
(SaaS) facilitated rapid deployment and makes Marketing
independent of IT.

Business Benefits:
Marketing for TELUS Business Solutions turns its data into
a business asset that it uses to develop more effective,
ongoing marketing campaigns. Sales receives leads that
are much more likely to produce success. Relations
between the marketing and sales functions are more
collaborative and productive than ever before.

About Ventana Research
Ventana Research is the leading Performance Management research and advisory services firm. By providing expert insight and detailed guidance, Ventana Research helps clients operate their companies more efficiently and effectively. We deliver these business improvements through a top-down approach that connects people, processes, information and technology. What makes Ventana Research different from other analyst firms is our focus on Performance Management for finance, operations and IT. This focus, plus research as a foundation and reach into a community of more than 2 million corporate executives through extensive media partnerships, allows Ventana Research to deliver a high-value, low-risk method for achieving optimal business performance. To learn how Ventana Research Performance Management workshops, assessments and advisory services can impact your bottom line, visit

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Marketbright Now Available on Google Apps Marketplace

Marketbright today announced it has added its leading on-demand marketing automation and email marketing platform to the Google Apps Marketplace™, Google's (NASDAQ: GOOG) recently launched online storefront for Google Apps™ products and services. Marketbright is an on-demand marketing automation solution which enables self-service campaign execution, automated lead nurturing and scoring, and closed loop marketing analytics. Marketbright provides a cost-effective alternative for mid-market to enterprise companies that want an easy-to-use on-demand marketing solution while still supporting complex business functionality.

"Offering the Marketbright agile marketing automation solution on the Google Apps Marketplace was a logical step, since Marketbright was conceived and created as an on-demand application meant to work with a company's collaboration and communication tools," said Dom Lindars, CEO of Marketbright. "Now Google apps users can easily integrate a solution that delivers rapid growth in sales and marketing leads and significantly increases lead-to-opportunity rates."

"We are pleased Google Apps customers can now easily access Marketbright to increase their marketing process efficiency and enhance their internal, customer and prospect communications for business growth," said Chris Kelly, Google Apps ISV Marketing Manager. "Requiring no technical resources to implement, set up and execute email campaigns, Marketbright exemplifies the type of simpler user experience provided by cloud applications."

Marketbright's solutions help marketers stay connected to valued customers and prospects, collaborate with sales teams, and track leads all the way through to closed business. Delivering this ability as an on-demand application in the cloud helps companies dramatically improve their marketing programs and strategies with very limited up-front risk and investment.

The Google Apps Marketplace makes it easy for more than 2 million Google Apps customers to discover, purchase and deploy integrated business applications and related professional services. By integrating with user account and application data stored in Google Apps, these cloud applications provide a simpler user experience, increase business efficiency, and reduce administrative overhead. To learn more, visit

Marketbright delivers the leading software-as-a-service, marketing automation solution, enabling more than 20,000 users at companies such as Serena Software, Genesys, Telus, and Varonis to generate leads, nurture leads and convert prospects to customers. Marketbright goes beyond the traditional marketing tools with a full suite of integrated applications including campaign management, email marketing, event registration management, landing page creation, lead scoring, and lead nurturing. The company is privately held and headquartered in San Bruno, Calif., and can be reached at

Google, Google Apps Marketplace, Google Apps, Gmail, Google Talk, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sites, and Google Video are trademarks of Google Inc.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Lead Nurturing 5 & 10: Executive Briefing by DemandGen Report

One of the biggest fumbles among BtoB organizations is the failure to develop formal programs to nurture their leads from the initial inquiry phase through to the point when they are ready to buy. Without the tools and processes in place, companies are unable to build and track their ongoing dialog with both new and old prospects. In a survey conducted by DemandGen Report in 2008, less than 10% of companies had formal lead nurturing strategies and processes in place.

Marketbright has sponsored,a 3-page, executive briefing with DemandGen Report, in which we will highlight 5 of the top reasons why BtoB organizations can’t afford to throw away long-term leads. In addition, we will provide 10 quickideas which can help companies get started down the path to nurturing their prospects from contact to close.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Joint Webinar: Marketbright & Virtual Causeway

Marketbright is hosting another AGILE Webinar Series event with Virtual Causeway on March 3, 2010. The topic will be Agile Conversations - Real-time Marketing.

We'll discuss the mentality, the tools, and the technology to scale, engage, and close more leads than you can handle by simply using relevant content with Nurture Marketing.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Marketbright Offers Migration Services

Marketbright Offers Migration Services from other marketing automation platforms such as Marketo, Eloqua, Manticore and Silverpop. Optimize your marketing efforts with the Marketbright advantage.

Migrating to Marketbright is simple. The hard part is over; you already have clearly defined goals for your organization and the content to launch your campaigns. All that is left is to equip you with the tools to more efficiently execute and manage your campaigns. Marketbright will guide you through our 3 phases of campaign migration.

Find out more at:

Migration phased approach:

Phase 1 – Initial Assessment - This assessment examines your overall marketing goals and project scope for the migration. This includes tasks such as outlining immediate and long term goals, creating timelines and a migration plan, and defining user roles.

Phase 2 – Campaign Migration – The second phase executes the migration plan already developed in phase 1. We begin the migration implementation by recreating campaigns into Marketbright and uploading existing landing page, email templates, and lists. Lead scoring and lead nurturing programs are set up based on the qualifications previously determined.

Phase 3 – Refine and Automate – The third phase of the process is targeted at refining and automating your campaigns for maximum results. Once the second phase is complete, optimizing your lead scoring, lead nurturing programs, and CRM integration will provide you with an accurate view of your marketing reports enabling you to repeat successful campaigns and improve your ROI.

For more info contact

Marketbright Launches Marketplace

The Marketbright Marketplace has launched, bringing you a easy to search list of partners ranging from those with prebuilt integrations to agencies, professional services, and system integrators with experience and expertise with Marketbright and Marketing Automation.

Learn more:

Thursday, January 7, 2010

B2B Marketing & Enterprise 2.0

Tatyana Kanzaveli from CustomerThink blogged today, raising the question is there a real business need and business support in separating Social CRM from Enterprise 2.0 from Social Media?

A great topic to consider: read more

Can B2B marketing automation systems like Marketbright be key factors in making this a reality for all businesses alike?

Marketbright Customer Success Video: Varonis Software

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010 Marketing Automation Trends

As we look out to 2010 we see several common issues at B2B marketing companies, and we also see some important trends:

Proving the Value of Marketing to C-Level Executives
Proving ROI is not a new problem for marketing; justifying marketing budget has always been an issue. However, more and more companies are requiring hard metrics from their marketing groups to justify budget spend.

Lack of Resources or In House Expertise
Marketing people are busy; they don’t have time to generate a 15 week nurture program. They barely have time to do a monthly newsletter and keep the blog up to date. A lot of marketing people have limited experience with running email marketing programs or are not up on all the latest tactics to ensure high conversion rates. It is really hard to stay on top of all the different tactics and methods available, and the game is always changing. Marketing automation by itself is not going to fix the problem.

Alignment of Sales and Marketing
The problem of Sales and Marketing alignment is as old as the times. Marketing generates leads, Sales says there were not enough of them, or they were not of good enough quality. Sales is very rarely involved in the planning process, and yet they know better than anybody what messages are selling. So the marketing team generates a bunch of collateral and campaigns that is not tuned for what Sales is doing. Then once Sales gets the leads, Marketing lacks the ability to see what happened to them, and which messages/offers resulted in closed deals.

Changing Landscape – New Tactics and Social Media
The advent of social media and new marketing tactics such as pay-per-click, SEO, and email marketing has marketing people reeling. There is so much information, so many blogs, so many top-10-tips whitepapers, and so many webinars that it is hard to determine the methods that are going to matter, prioritize activities, and focus on what you can actually have an impact on.

Do More With Less
Sales are down, deal size is down, and marketing budgets are down. Marketing people have to do more and more with less and less. In this environment, the technology they use has to be brain dead simple-to-use and also has to automate time-consuming tasks.

Marketbright Campaign Manager Demo

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Marketbright promotes Agile Marketing Webinar Series and Nurture Marketing for Dummies Guide

5 Ways to Increase Organizational Agility While Enhancing Creativity:

Attend this webinar and learn how Marketbright and Conceptshare have partnered to allow rapid planning and collaboration and to help you implement the Agile Method.

Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing more ideas and announcing new product features designed to enable the Agile Marketing Method. You can register and attend the Agile Marketing Webinar Series -

Marketbright is also publishing the official guide to nurture marketing with our upcoming book release Nurture Marketing for Dummies. The book will detail the best practice steps for B2B marketers to implement marketing automation. Sign up now for your free copy of the Nurture Marketing for Dummies Guide: