Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Marketbright Offers Migration Services

Marketbright Offers Migration Services from other marketing automation platforms such as Marketo, Eloqua, Manticore and Silverpop. Optimize your marketing efforts with the Marketbright advantage.

Migrating to Marketbright is simple. The hard part is over; you already have clearly defined goals for your organization and the content to launch your campaigns. All that is left is to equip you with the tools to more efficiently execute and manage your campaigns. Marketbright will guide you through our 3 phases of campaign migration.

Find out more at: http://www.marketbright.com/services/migration-services.html

Migration phased approach:

Phase 1 – Initial Assessment - This assessment examines your overall marketing goals and project scope for the migration. This includes tasks such as outlining immediate and long term goals, creating timelines and a migration plan, and defining user roles.

Phase 2 – Campaign Migration – The second phase executes the migration plan already developed in phase 1. We begin the migration implementation by recreating campaigns into Marketbright and uploading existing landing page, email templates, and lists. Lead scoring and lead nurturing programs are set up based on the qualifications previously determined.

Phase 3 – Refine and Automate – The third phase of the process is targeted at refining and automating your campaigns for maximum results. Once the second phase is complete, optimizing your lead scoring, lead nurturing programs, and CRM integration will provide you with an accurate view of your marketing reports enabling you to repeat successful campaigns and improve your ROI.

For more info contact Sales@marketbright.com

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