Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A VentanaProfile in Success: Taking the Lead

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TELUS Business Solutions’ marketing team had difficulty
determining the quality of business-to-business leads it
provided to the sales force. To improve demand
management, Marketing set out to establish a closed-loop
system to track leads from their sources to results. Using
marketing automation software from Marketbright, the
team now is able to identify the strongest immediate
prospects and develop other potential buyers over the
longer term, giving the sales force more and better
opportunities to close business.

People: Marketing now ranks leads automatically and
nurtures prospects through more targeted Web-oriented
campaigns that it can create faster than before. Sales gets
a stream of highly qualified leads and is able to act on
many more leads than previously.
Process: Qualified leads are routed automatically to the
most appropriate sales rep. Marketing tracks the complete
sales pipeline to determine the efficacy of its marketing
spend and uses conversion rates to develop forecasts and
Information: Marketing applies lead scoring, lead
nurturing and lead routing to produce high-quality leads
from information it receives from other systems.
Technology: Marketers build their own Web pages using
templates, freeing more technical team members for other
tasks. Marketbright’s delivery of software as a service
(SaaS) facilitated rapid deployment and makes Marketing
independent of IT.

Business Benefits:
Marketing for TELUS Business Solutions turns its data into
a business asset that it uses to develop more effective,
ongoing marketing campaigns. Sales receives leads that
are much more likely to produce success. Relations
between the marketing and sales functions are more
collaborative and productive than ever before.

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