Thursday, March 26, 2009

Boston Cloudforce Tour a Success for Marketbright

Marketbright was one of twelve premium sponsors of the Cloudforce Tour event today. Marketbright is the marketing automation leader in the cloud, allowing companies to easily leverage their website as a camapaign.

I had a chance to speak to many people in the Boston area about their experiences on, and their needs around marketing and sales. The one thing I concluded from today was that Marketbright's ability to deliver easy inegration of marketing campaigns directly to companies website solves a huge pain point for many marketers. The ability to rapidly update content with NO IT expertise is essential in marketing. A difficult to use web content management systems makes IT a gatekeeper for changes and updates. With their already limited resources, web sites often become a low priority, content gets out of data and the customer experience deteriorates. Marketbright's on-demand Website Content Manager provides self-service content management, so the actual content owners can collaborate on and publish content from any desktop or web browser, and gain the independence from IT necessary to keep web sites up to date. Marketbright delivers easy to use website management tools. Create and manage your website integrated with every marketing touch point.

Marketbright CEO recently wrote an article detailing best practices around utilizing your website as a campaign in CRM BUYER.

As a leading AppExchange vendor, Marketbright streamlines lead generation efforts for marketing departments with a full suite of integrated applications including campaign management, email marketing, event management, landing page creation, lead scoring, lead nurturing and membership management.

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