Monday, April 6, 2009

Marketbright Partners with Cloudweaver

Marketbright partnered with CLOUDWEAVER to Serve Oracle On-Demand CRM Customers. This is great step to focusing on fulfilling the on-demand CRM marketplace. Marketbright has the ability to integrate with multiple CRM systems out-of-the-box; including, Oracle On-Demand, MS Dynamics, NetSuite and SalesLogix.

Marketbright Enterprise gives marketers a powerful system at their fingertips. Marketers need a system to measure results consistently, and at the same time quickly roll out campains efficiently. The system allows marketers and sales to measure top marketing campaign influences on top sales opportunities. It also allows marketers to score and nurture those leads not yet ready to be converted to top opportunities. Marketbright's integration with on-demand CRM systems allows marketers to execute and analyze real-time results.

CLOUDWEAVER is looking forward to connecting valuable prospects to a mission-critical marketing automation system like Marketbright.

Contact Jerry Leto at CLOUDWEAVER for more information on the partnership (phone 408-556-9706, email

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