Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lead Nurturing 101 = Discover Demand

Working in the Marketing Automation technology landscape at Marketbright I have steadily grown to understand the basic philosophy that is hidden behind so many complex and confusing words. Discover Demand is a crossroads between marketing and sales that for so long has been broken. Providing the sales team with only legitimate, highly qualified leads has long been the Achilles heel of marketing campaigns and a constant source of conflict between Sales and Marketing. With Demand Discovery; only fully qualified leads are passed to your sales team.

Lead Nurturing = Discover Demand

You nurture your leads by trying to discover the quickest and most effective way to drive leads to sales. Marketing Automation tools like Marketbright, gives B2B marketers the solution they need to deliver sophisticated Demand Discovery. Giving marketers the ability to:

* Deliver highly qualified leads faster with real-time lead scoring based on profile and behavioral data

* Pass leads directly to leading CRM systems

* Nurture leads through automated multi-touch campaigns

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