Wednesday, June 3, 2009

ROI of Nurture Marketing

Every marketer struggles to make the most of their lead generation and marketing budget. Several factors go into how your return on investment will be determined: potential prospects are often lost or have gone stale during the sales process, man power was wasted on campaign execution and inaccurate reporting can lower your ROI.

Nurture Marketing is a proven process to help maximize your investment in lead generation. Nurturing the leads you already have will establish an ongoing relationship with your prospects and increase the chance of converting them to customers.

Join Mike Pilcher, the author of ProSultative Selling and the VP of Sales at Marketbright as he breaks down ways to maximize ROI through Nurture Marketing.


• How to improve your ROI by 25% - 35% through Nurture Marketing
• How Nurture Marketing helps align Sales and Marketing
• How to automate the nurture marketing process to reduce man power
• How to trace your leads from the first point of contact for accurate reporting

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