Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tough times: Turn to Marketing Automation- Optimize Marketing Spend & Maximize Conversions Rates

Marketbright is the leading On-Demand marketing solution, providing a platform to easily manage all of your demand generation activities in one solution. With Marketbright, you get a highly automated system that will help your company increase sales. In these times where the business landscape is volatile, it’s significant how quickly and effectively campaign resources are allocated and deployed.

Marketbright allows you to maximize conversion rates and optimize marketing budget spend with:

• Self services campaign execution
o Empower Marketing to implement and manage campaigns
o Deploy campaigns faster with user friendly toolset
o Gather instant feedback on campaign performance

• Real-time lead scoring and nurturing
o Deliver highly qualified leads faster with real-time lead scoring on profile and behavioral data
o Pass leads directly to leading CRM systems
o Nurture less qualified leads through additional marketing contact

• Campaign to cash optimization
o Eliminate lost or stale leads with closed loop process from campaign initiation to sale
o Measure campaign effectiveness by tying specific lead source to revenue
o Optimize marketing spend around successful campaigns

Now more than ever, Marketing must find new and innovative ways to leverage changing market and product conditions. Marketbright has the solution to consolidate your efforts on to one easy-to-manage platform, and for you to measure the results with sophisticated marketing analytics. We hope to prove the value add of our solution for your company going into 2009.

I would be more than happy to walk you through step by step how easy yet powerful the Marketbright solution is. I think it is more evident than ever that the companies that will continue to be successful are the companies that stay focused with a solid plan to deliver to a targeted marketplace.

Looking forward to hearing back from you very soon. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Please email me at jon.ross@marketbright.com or directly at (650) 249-6385.

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